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Treatment tank installation procedure

Steps to install the Septic tank

  1. Dig the soil to the depth suitable for the tank size. And reinforced concrete hexagonal pile Or wooden pile at the bottom of the hole to prevent the settlement of the tank Adjust the bottom of the hole with coarse sand. And pour the reinforced concrete floor (The number of piles depends on the capacity of the tank and the installation area as well.
  2. Then placed the tank into the reinforced concrete floor Add water to the sewage level In order to prevent the tank from causing the buoyancy and collapse of the tank from the pressure of the soil and water from the outside
  3. Connect the soft hose (FLEX tube) into the end of the inlet pipe and the sewer of the treatment tank and fasten it with the strap.
  4. Cover with coarse soil or sand
    * Note: Do not use soil mixed with gravel, broken bricks, wood chips or rough materials. Is the material used to remove the tank causing damage
  5. Pour the reinforced concrete floor around the tank. In order to bury the tank cover ring to the reinforced concrete floor for strength while Close - Open the tank lid. (In the case of not using the steel cap or ABS deposit, do not pour concrete around the mouth of the tank)
  6. However, it must be connected to the ventilation ducts for the air flow in the tank, such as the sun and the back.

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