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Stainless steel water tank installation process

Stainless steel water tank installation process


  1. Water in / out joints should not be metal. (anti rust)
  2. The tank area must not be tilted.
  3. Should check the check valve (Must be put on the right side)
  4. Do not set the tank near the metal that is rusting. (Eg metal fence)
  5. The float level setting must be lower than the water level. (Prevent overflow tank)
  6. Water used should be tap water. Water supply standards. Hardness 120 PPM Chloride 30 PPM Total minerals 140 PPM Steel rust 0.02 PPM Hardness 70 PPM
  7. Do not use to contain groundwater, brackish water and salt water.

The company reserves the right to assume responsibility for damages. Due to non-compliance with installation characteristics

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