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Education, research, product development in various areas, such as in technology, design, modern production materials, with major products such as

Stainless steel water tank

  • Be the first manufacturer in Thailand to receive TIS.

Septic tank

  •  Loadtest testing is a soil compression test (used in the treatment tank)
  • Air suction test Is a test of air suction in the tank to see the collapse of the tank

Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Materials used in production Is a special material controlled by the petrochemical group Siam Cement Group (SCG)
  • Materials used for production Is a material that has been designed, developed to be strong and beautiful (Compound) suitable for filling water without causing foreign matter. Or residue inside the tank
  • Materials used for production Products from materials that have special qualities that have received industry standards The surface of the tank has also been designed to be a 2-layer design, the outer layer has been designed with a structure that is strong, resistant to the pressure conditions applied to the water tank, while the inner surface uses the genuine material of Linear Medium Density Polyethylene. (LMDPE) which does not contain color or chemical substances that are toxic to the body
  • The surface of the tank is designed to have two layers of texture: the outer surface is blue, strong and durable.
  • Towards the pressure condition that is applied to the water tank The inner skin is a raw material that does not contain color or chemicals that are toxic to the body.
  • The body is cast in the same piece throughout the entire body without any joints, no seams or interlocking surfaces. There are test and analysis reports from the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research. There is no glass fiber to come down to come with water.