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Service of the company

Development of production personnel and service of the company

  • Development of knowledge for personnel in the working knowledge line


  • Media for the organization's personnel and related parties to understand the organization's management approach, quality goal setting
  • Thai labor standards Social responsibility of Thai business, TLS 8001-2003 (Thai Labor-Standard: TLS 8001-2546)
  • Health Promotion Program in Work
  • AIDS prevention and problem solving
  • Work safety, drug problem solving
  • Annual health examination
  • White Factory Project
  • Project 5S
  • Research collaboration with other organizations in product development
  • Certification of research results

According to Charoen Mit Co., Ltd., conducted research together with the polymer production and molding research group. King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi In the research of drinking water tanks and waste water treatment tanks that are molded by centrifugation process since 2005, under the funding of research from the public and private sector research and development projects. By the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OECD) conducting research together with the polymer production and molding research group To test the bacterial inhibition properties of plastic water tank specimens prepared from raw materials containing mixed bacterial inhibitors Which the result is The highest efficiency in inhibiting the bacteria Reduction of infection or the ability to disinfect 99.99%

  • Cooperation in materials used in production Is a special material controlled by the petrochemical group Siam Cement Group (SCG)
  • The project "Development of hot water storage tanks from polymer materials in solar water heater equipment" which is a joint research project between the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and P-PROF research group in The name of King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, with Charoenmitr Co., Ltd. came to offer this project as a small contractor. (Sub-contract) which made the consultation Supporting research in forming techniques and testing of hot water tanks in the project.
  • Providing services before and after sales to customers of the company
  • Fast delivery on time Control the route by GPS system
  • There is a maintenance team to service customers after the sale to serve customers after the delivery of the product. Which the service of the company before and after Sales will focus Giving customers the highest satisfaction
  • Our sales staff Realize and give importance to the service of friendly
  • Making Charoen Mit Company known and accepted by customers always