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Company History

Company History

In order to become one of the designers of producing all kinds of tanks and fuel tanks that are outstanding in innovation, modernity and quality with international standards and providing honest, convenient and fast services to meet the highest satisfaction with ” Our customers “are important. For the past 50 years, JaroenMitr Co., Ltd. has never ceased to develop good products and services continuously.

To create excellence for customers From the beginning… Khun Suwit and Khun Wannee MitrPrasertporn Experimental production of quality rectangular steel water tanks And registered as “Charoen Mit Limited Partnership” on 4 January 1968 until stepping into the production of a water tank with Stainless under the symbol “Sailboat Badge” which has been the first Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) certification.

We have therefore expanded the production of many new products such as waste water treatment tanks. Underground water tank Polyethylene Water Tank Large steel tanks used in the industry As well as designing and manufacturing all types of water tanks and oil tanks JaroenMit Limited Partnership registered the name change to “JaroenMitr Company Limited” on November 10, 2008 and has expanded the production to other regions. Such as in Phang Nga, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen with over 30 sales offices nationwide Under one single quality standard From certification by TSO with quality management system ISO9001 Version 2008 on September 24, 2010 to the present You can be confident in every product. Jaroenmit’s full of quality and service We aim to study, research and develop products in various fields. Both in technology, design, materials used and modern production procedures Therefore making us the first manufacturer in Thailand to receive the TIS mark for the production of stainless steel water tanks Make you confident in products that are full of quality.

– Waste water treatment tank We have studied and tested the earth compressive loadtest and tested the air in the tank to see the collapse of the tank. In order to obtain the information on the production of the most efficient septic tank

– Polyethylene Water Tank Is a product that uses special production control materials by the Siam Cement Group (SCG) and has been designed to be strong and beautiful. Suitable for filling water without causing foreign matter or residue inside the tank You are confident and trust that it is a product that is suitable for your family and loved ones.

  Designer and manufacturer of water tanks All kinds of oil tanks We provide design and manufacture of all types of water tanks and oil tanks. Champagne tower Water tank truck Hot water tank insulated all types of liquid tanks, both on the ground and underground. Or work in the form of government agencies throughout the Kingdom With a production capacity of over 30,000 square meters that has always been accepted by both the public and private sectors. With ISO 9001: 2008 standard In addition, we pay great attention to personnel development. Which has been developed to educate personnel who work all the time And also receive cooperation in research with other organizations in product development such as Research on the production and forming of polymers for use in the production of drinking water tanks and effluent treatment tanks that are molded by centrifugation process. By Charoenmitr and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Has conducted research and tested the bacterial inhibition properties of plastic water tank specimens prepared from raw materials containing bacterial inhibitors The result is a high performance plastic water tank to inhibit bacteria. With a decrease in infection or the ability to disinfect up to 99.99% As well as the project “Development of hot water storage tanks from polymer materials in solar water heater equipment” which is a joint research project between the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the P- research group. PROF, on behalf of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, with Jaroemitr Co., Ltd. came to offer this project as a small contractor. (Sub-contract) Which made a consultation Supporting research in forming technique and testing of hot water tanks in the project and cooperation in production materials. Is a special material controlled by the petrochemical group Siam Cement Group (SCG) And there are many other projects that will happen again in the future For the products of Charoen Mit Co., Ltd. to be one of the innovators of water tanks and oil tanks, with technology that is always ahead of competitors. As well as the management of the personnel of the company that we have given great importance Because we believe that if “Our people are happy. Products will have quality “by providing health promotion programs in various work and welfare. That has been received very well To create standards of well-being for employees So that this company is always like their second home With the new standard of service of Jaroenmitr in providing pre and post sales services to the customers of the company We have the most products to choose from. A variety of models, many models, many sizes that are suitable for use in each and every client’s needs. Or even the production of special products, specific needs can be made to meet the needs Along with providing knowledge to customers from specialized experts In order to allow customers to utilize the product as much as possible, as well as fast delivery on time with the GPS system that controls the route Enabling us to deliver products to our customers on time Along with the quality assurance team In order to serve customers after the sale and after delivery of the products To focus Giving customers the highest satisfaction We have trained our sales staff. That will realize and give priority to the service that is friendly to the customer With great hospitality At present, JaroenMitr Co., Ltd. has more than 30 manufacturing plants and sales offices. With a modern product management system, wherever you are in Thailand We can supply and deliver products on time. And resulting in the growth of JaroenMitr’s customers We are one of the designers. Manufacturers and suppliers Plastic water tank Stainless steel water tank And the best steel tank containing water and oil in Thailand Importantly, we never neglect the environment. And nearby community ways We have a good water treatment system and participate in activities that are beneficial to communities such as
  • – Project to donate items to schools in remote areas
  • – Phrabat Nampu Temple
  • – White Factory Project
To this day, we are still striving to not stop to learn and develop continuously. Product quality is a testament to the attention of every production process. Committed to seriousness and sincerity for the utmost satisfaction of customers. And providing services at Best impressed forever Before becoming a Jaroenmitr company at present, the company initially started selling small materials. Thapra Intersection With Khun Suwit and Khun Wannee Mitr Prasertporn Is the shop owner By experimenting to make the water container as a riveted steel tank Which started with only 2 employees and later started to produce rectangular steel rivet buckets for water filling (Steel water tank) for sale