We need to be the perfect leader of the designer and manufacturer all kinds of tanks and oil tanks ,so our products are outstanding in the innovation and essential quality because we have serviced our customers with international standards, honesty, convenience and rapidity in order to make them satisfy for period 50 years. Jaroenmitr Co., Ltd. has never ceased to develop products and services continously to creative the excellence to our customers.


From the beginning, Mr. Suwit and Mrs. Wannee Mitrprasertporn experimented to product the steel rectangular tank which has high quality. The firm registered "Jaroenmitr limited partnership" on 4 January 1968 and towards the production of tanks with stainless under the symbol "brand of sailing, which has been the industry standard certification (TIS). It is the first company in Thailand,

We have expanded the variety of new products such as waste water treatment tanks, underground water tanks, polyethylene water tanks, large steel tanks that are used in the industry as well as design and production all kinds of tanks and oil tanks

The conpany registered the conversion from " Jaroenmitr limited partnership" to "Jaroenmitr Co.,Ltd." on November 10, 2008 and has expanded the operation to increase production to other regions such as Phang Nga, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, and sales offices with over 30 locations (branches) across the country. We are certified under a important quality standards by the U.S. with a quality management system ISO9001 Version 2008 on 24 September 2553 to the present.

"You can be assured in all Jaroenmitr’s product that are superior quality and service."

 We are committed to education, research and development in areas in technology, design, materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

Stainless steel water tank: We are the first manufacturer in Thailand to receive TIS mark; you can ensure the products for their superior quality.

Waste tank:  We study and test the soil compression “Loadtest” and air testing in the tank to see the collapse of the tank because we want the product that has the highest efficiency.

Polyethylene water tanks :  A product that we use materials in the manufacture which is specially controlled by a group of petrochemical Thai Cement Group (SCG).It has been designed and developed to be strong and beautiful (Compound) and properly packed in water without causing unknown or residues within the tank.

You can be confident and trust in our Product that is suitable for your family and loved ones.

The designer and manufacturer

We service the designing and manufacturing all kinds of tanks such as champagne pails style, truck tanks, insulated hot water tank or cylinders filled with all kinds of liquids both the soil and underground or work form the government and the Kingdom. We have a capacity of an area over 30,000 square meters to make the products. We are recognized by both public and private company with the standard ISO 9001:2008.

Including the human resource development. Our focus is both of them. The development has continued to educate the people that work all the time. It also has research collaboration with other organizations in developing such products  

Molded polymer's research and production researched water tanks and wastewater treatment tanks formed by mold centrifuge process. The company has cooperated with University of Technology Thonburi to conduct research. We test the properties of materials from Sept of plastic water container made from material that is mixed with bacteria inhibitor. The result is the most effective in inhibiting bacteria to reduce of the infection or the ability of eliminating up to 99.99%.

And the Project "Development of hot water storage tank from polymer materials in the device's solar hot water heater", is a joint research project between the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and Research P-. PROF on behalf of the University of Technology Thonburi, including Jaroenmitr. We have come courtesy of this project as an individual contractor. (Sub-contract) which face consultation. Provide technical support for research in forming and testing of water tanks in the project and cooperate in materials used in manufacturing. These materials are controlled exclusively by the petrochemical Siam Cement Group (SCG).

And there are still many projects that will occur in the future in order to make our products to be number one. The innovation is the water tank and oil tank with only technology that lead over the competition all the time.


As well as the Personnel management of companies that we have to focus on them. We believe that if "our people are happy : our products are quality". We provide the health promotion program of work and welfare that received extremely well. We create a better standard of living for employees like the firm as a second home they are always

It is with the new standard of our services in Jaroenmitr’s providing both pre and after sales service to our customers. We have to choose the most several versions and a variety of sizes which are suitable for use in each customer's needs are truly or even special production requirements can be provided upon request with the knowledge of experts to customers. Customers can take advantage of the product with the fast delivery time with the GPS system that controls the route and allows us to ship to customers on time of. Our Quality assurance team wait for customer service after the sale and after delivery. We focus on the customer’s satisfaction that is always the highest.

We are training our sales staff in order to realize the importance in terms of friendly service to customers with the best hospitality and take care of all points of both products and services.

The government, private sector clients and retail customers must give confidence to trust in our products as many more. Our customers have increased every year since that stimulate us to become the one and the true leader because the higher rate of sales growth throughout every year.

Nowadays, Jaroenmitr Co.,Ltd. has the owner plant for manufacturing and sales offices more than 30 branches around Thailand. We are ready to provide quality products with the same standard across the country. The management products systems is up-to-date, whether where you are in Thailand, we can supply and deliver goods on time as the result of consumers are increasingly

We are committed to produce quality products with reasonable price to meet customer needs at all levels and continual development.
We are one of the designers, manufacturers and suppliers such plastic water tank, stainless steel water tank and steel tank containing water and oil which is the best in Thailand. We never ignore the important environmental issues and the way of the nearby community. We have a system to better manage wastewater and associated activities that benefit the community such as

Donation items to schools in rural areas.
Prabahtnampu temple.
white plant project

To this day, we have been committed to never stop learning and continuing improvement. They are a testament to the quality of care at every stage of production.

Seriously and sincerely committed to the satisfaction of our customers and service delivery is the best impression forever.