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Onground Water Tank Magma (CEM)

Outstanding, modern, safe throughout the lifetime

Outstanding, modern, safe throughout the lifetime

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Special Features

1. Food Grade Material
          A. Polymer PE Food Grade material 100% approved by the US FDA
          b. Certified by FDA from U.S.
2. UV8 & 20 years warranty
           a. UV protection level 8 and chassis 20 years warranty
           b. Prevented fading by UV stabilizer with 20 years warranty
3. Antimicrobial
          a. Clean, safe, odorless and bacteria
          b. Inhabiting bacteria and makes odorless
4. Algae free
          a. Prevent moss With special materials
          b. With special material, there is algae prevention
5. Special Design
          a. Brass material, rust-free, ready to move the pipe inside the tank
          b. Hidden pipes are inside the tank suite in every decoration
6. After Service
          a. Provide fast after-sales service By a team of special experts
          b. Quick service and respond by specialized team providing